Saturday, June 27, 2015


I think this has been the busiest year of my life.  Work, college, new house - where does the plot fit in?  The answer is that it really hasn't.  I have been very remiss in putting in the hours, and I feel like the allotment has retaliated in the form of wave after wave of obstacles.  Firstly, the weather has been extremely harsh - a very cold wet spring, followed by hot searing winds and an absolute drought for weeks.  Then there's the resident rabbit/hare that persists in digging tunnels right through the baby carrots and the voracious pigeons that shredded the cabbage and pulled up half the celery.  In April, a mouse broke into the poly and scoffed every cucumber, courgette, sunflower and melon seed sown.  Not to mention the plague of aphids that utterly destroyed the lupins, the cutworms that severed the french beans at the base and the blackfly currently having a go at the broad beans.
April 29th 2015
It's been a very hard year.

Also, I now have the benefit/distraction of a back garden.  I'm coming to the end of three weeks off work and I've spent most of it digging flowerbeds and painting walls in the garden - not at the plot, which is a 25 minute drive away (in no traffic).

To be honest, I may not keep the plot next year (it's paid up until February) - maybe we've come to the end of the road together.  Maybe I'll find a plot closer to home, or just satisfy myself with the garden I have.  Maybe the red shed blog will become the red gate blog.

Anyway, for now I may as well keep juggling until the lease is up!  Not all is bad this year, although the weather has put the whole harvest back significantly compared to other years.  I still have a couple of beds unweeded, but the spuds are doing well, the peas are starting to crop and I had a decent amount of asparagus this last 6 weeks.  The two apple trees are laden with fruit - while the currant bushes and blueberry bush have next to no fruit apparent.  I had to split the rhubarb as it was flowering, but it is doing well.  I finally have the courgettes planted out, and will soon have the pumpkins in the ground too.
Potatoes with a comfrey mulch.
I hope to be more reliable in keeping this blog updated - I've missed it.

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