Sunday, September 7, 2014

Harvest Season

It has been a good few weeks since posting - weeks of weeding, pruning, watering, harvesting.  And also packing boxes, organising the sale of my house and arranging storage.  This included moving all the pots from the back yard out to the allotment and to my parents' front garden.  I'm now installed in their attic, awaiting the completion of the purchase of my new house.

Just in the last few days, the allotment has started to seem a small bit tired.  There is a darker green tinge to some plants, others are slightly brown.  The tomatoes have succumbed to blight, the sunflowers have diverted their energies from flower production to seed and some of the courgettes are giving up the ghost and shrivelling back under powdery mildew.

Still though, the plot looks beautiful in the autumn slanting sun, the marigolds gleaming and the dahlias defiantly blooming away.  The plot is alive with bees and hoverflies of all description, butterflies and birds.  The blue tits are helping themselves to sunflower seeds straight from the plants, and although the borage has spread itself all over the leeks, I can't bear to deprive the bees of their favourite flowers. I've taken my foot off the accelerator and am leaving things be for a few weeks until they start to die back by themselves.

The pumpkins have been quietly getting on with it all summer, and are now starting to turn their distinctive colours, gleaming like gems under huge leaves.  It looks like a great harvest this year.

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