Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tomato Soldiers

And so the year moves on.  Right now it's still chilly, and pretty wet, and very windy, but there is a stretch in the evening and the weeds are waking up and pretty soon I'll be under pressure to sow thousands of seeds, and get the beds ready, and move the compost bin, and...........

......but for now, I'm still at windowsill stage.  The stars of 2014 so far are the tomatoes, all sprouted in the heated propagator and after a few weeks moved out to the polytunnel.  This stage is always a risk. A heavy frost could wipe them out, or gales and storms could knock them off the staging, or slugs could attack, or they could just wither in the damp.  There are many foes facing a young tomato plant making its way in a February polytunnel.  But, what people underestimate is just how tough tomatoes are.  They don't really need mollycoddling - give them water and room and along as they don't actually freeze they'll grow away happily.  I transplanted six or seven varieties into pots 10 days ago, and so far they're holding their own.  Although quite what I'll do with 65 tomato seedlings remains to be seen.

Oh, and check out the spring cabbage!  I'm going to start picking this soon, as cut and come again.  There are a few spring onions lurking in there too, and baby carrots in the other pots.

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