Sunday, January 19, 2014


This has been a week of pruning and clearing and preparing for longer days and emerging bulbs.  In the back yard I've cut down and removed dead foliage, swept up leaves and planted a couple of new climbers; an evergreen passionflower and a red-berried pyracantha.  In planting the latter, I discovered a well rooted and beginning to shoot clematis - I planted it in October but I thought it had died - so it has been moved to a sunnier spot.

Blackcurrant bush thinned out and pruned
Blackcurrant trimings

I stuck a bunch of cuttings into this fishbox; they will probably root and can be potted on for new plants.
At the allotment, I have pruned the blackcurrants, red currant and white currant, and the three blueberry bushes. I've even been through the polytunnel, removing dead marigolds and some of the chilli plants, and pruning the ones that are left.  The only ones I haven't cut back yet are three Twilight chilli plants that are not only intact, but even flowering!  There were also a few forgotten chillies that have dried on the plants.


Elsewhere, the rhubarb is sprouting, the garlic army is well up and the broad beans are holding their own.  I really hope we aren't in for much snow or frost in the next few weeks, as this mild weather could give me a real head-start in Spring.


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