Sunday, January 12, 2014

Brown Days

It was misty and raining and bleak today, with the clouds hanging very low and the trees entirely stripped by incessant storms.  The ploughed fields are standing empty and every car had its lights on at 11 in the morning.

I was the only one at the allotment, unsurprisingly, except for a gang of wrens bombing about the place and a rook caw-caw-ing away in the pasture.  A couple of greenhouses have been totally crushed in the last week - up until then there were only a few broken panes, but now the frames are all twisted and nearly all the glass lies shattered.  So far, thankfully, I seem to have escaped the worst; just a bolt to fix on the polytunnel door, some sprouts to re-tether to their stakes and a forgotten rusting trowel to retrieve from the rhubarb bed.

I had a look at everything, as is my wont, fed the goldfish, and picked and trimmed leeks, sprouts both red and green, the last of the parsnips and a few very mini beetroot.  All in a thin mist of rain, globuling on every surface.  It was too grey to bother having a picnic of the Christmas cake I'd brought along, so I wandered back to the car and drove home to study for a web design exam instead.  As I drove along the estuary the flotilla of geese were all facing the same direction, into the wind, stoically riding the wavelets like the dinghies moored in the bay. 

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