Monday, December 16, 2013

November and December

I have been very lax in keeping this blog updated.  In my defence, I've been utterly snowed under with college in the evenings and at weekends - but I have managed a short visit to the plot most weeks.  I'm looking forward to a few longer days there over Christmas, as well as a few armchair-evenings planning the planting for 2014.

It is very, very mild.  We might have had one frost, but nothing major.  Only the real softies like nasturtiums and French beans have died off.  The snapdragons and marigolds are still flowering and the wallflowers are coming into bloom now.  The pests are still active too, unfortunately.

 All the winter veg is doing very well - I have a steady supply of lovely leeks, as well as chard and some beetroot.  The sprouts and red cabbage are looking good for Christmas, as is the last big turnip.  In the poly, I have baby carrots in containers (which need to be thinned) and some spinach, and the scallions and spring cabbage are looking great.  Even the chillies have yet to die off.

Of course, one hard frost could finish everything off - but until that happens I'm going to enjoy it.

The only big job at the moment is clearing the beds one by one and sowing green manures.  It's good, satisfying work.

Asparagus bed before....
....and after!
Meanwhile, as the detritus of one year is cleared away, the beginnings of another is waiting in the wings.  The garlic and broad beans sown last month are beginning to pop their heads through, with the promise of new harvests and longer days.

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