Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Last Sunday

I forgot to post these before - I took some time to stand back and look at things on Sunday.  Last night was taken up with picking peas, beans, courgettes and an enormous cucumber, and spreading fresh bark on the paths.

spot the ladybird!

courgette 'ronds'

courgette 'genovese'

the first pumpkins are forming - this is a 'vif d'etampes'

Sunday harvest, peas, broad beans, courgettes and blackcurrants

pepper 'bell boy'
chilli 'twilight'

the pond

lily blooming

shallots drying in the poly

pull up a potato plant and buried treasure underneath


half the early spuds harvested, this should keep us going for a while


  1. Very nice photographs and a busy Sunday by the sounds of it.

  2. Every trip to the allotment is busy at the moment! and still no rain forecast...