Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I love the evening visits at this time of year, when its bright until half ten and everything gleams and simmers in shafts of sun.  I watered and applied a comfrey feed, took pictures and then sat for a while.

broad beans


blueberry bush

early spuds coming into flower

white foxgloves

fruit bed, with ornamental alliums


blue lupin

tomatoes, chillies and cucumbers

salad leaves and sweet peppers

still lots to plant out

dehydrated chilli plants, just watered

pumpkins and sweetcorn

more pumpkins!

pumpkin tohomu

this rhubarb plant has repeatedly tried to's in danger of being dug up if this continues!

strawberries flowering

trees grown from seed - chestnut, beech and an oak, destined for a family friend's farm in Wicklow in a couple of weeks

marigolds, closing up for the night

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