Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Not Asterix...

..but Obelix.  Or rather, obelisks.  Or pyramids?

I needed something strong for ornamental gourds to climb up; something stronger than the canes I used last year and which collapsed around the end of August.

The design is simple - make two triangles with three cross-pieces and then use another three cross-pieces on either side to join them together.  After a bit of planning, I worked out that I really only needed to buy the long vertical pieces and a few of the longest cross-pieces.  I had a lot of small offcuts and random pieces of wood in the shed that would do for the rest.  The builder's suppliers worked out cheapest and in the end it only cost me €16 for the timber.

With the help of my father, we set up an assembly line this afternoon, and churned out four obelisks.  They're about two metres tall and around 60cm at the base.

I painted them with the red stain I already had; all they need now is some netting and they're all ready to go.

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