Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Late Visits.

Work til nearly six, home and put the washing out, dinner and an ice cream, Woodies for pots and yet another bottle of white spirit, had to get petrol - it was just after eight when I finally got to the allotment.  But, its the 18th of June and the brightest, best time of year, when time has a new order.  I was away for the weekend which meant five days since a visit, so everything in the poly was looking a bit parched.  I watered it twice and will drop out again on Thursday as it's warm and sunny at the moment.  More little pots and stragglers had to be planted out; fennel and ornamental gourds and butternut squash and borage and a couple of lupins and some marigolds and celery, squeezed into corners and between other rows.

I really need to finish weeding the paths, as the grass is going to seed, and there are weeds springing up in all the beds after last weeks rain.  However on the plus side, everything is looking beautiful.  The nematode I applied last week seems to have helped, as no further brassicas have collapsed.  The geums and chrysanthemums and sweet william are swaying and gleaming out flashes of colour from the flower beds, and I cut an armful to bring home.  I also got a first bag of broad beans; they're late this year but no wonder after the cold spring.

I stayed until just after ten and went home happy.


  1. It's said that time and tide wait for no-one I think allotments can be added to the list.

  2. Definitely! Its amazing how fast everything grows at this time of year, it always takes me by surprise.