Sunday, June 23, 2013


So, a culinary post today.  All is well at the allotment, but I'm knackered from re-potting tomatoes and weeding the bark paths which are riven with grass and chickweed.  However, no real complaints, it's all going nicely.

I love broad beans, and usually just boil them briefly and have them as a side vegetable, or throw them into a pasta sauce with olive oil and white wine.  However I was out for Sunday lunch today, so I wanted something lighter for tea.  I've just bought Alys Fowler's new book Abundance, and it was the perfect opportunity to try out a recipe.

It's basically blanched broad beans, a tin of chickpeas, mint, onion, chili, garlic, a dribble of olive oil and various spices (I used sesame seeds, cumin and coriander) all whizzed up in the food processor.  Then you make little balls and roll them in flour, then fry them in olive oil. 

The end result, if not as professionally round as the book (I made the mix a bit too loose) was delicious!  I served it with spinach and some asparagus, some yogurt with mint and some spicy harissa sauce.  There were five falafels over so I froze them for another day.  I recommend the book, by the way, it has loads of ideas and information on preserving harvests in tasty ways.

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