Monday, May 20, 2013

Hotting Up

For the last few weeks we had rain and chilling easterly winds, raking the moisture from the surface and baking the earth, then clattering showers of hail and freezing rain.  I was beginning to think summer would never come. Then, lo and behold, a few sunny and gentle days of light breezes and everything seems better in the world.

I'd booked last Friday off work last week despite dire warnings of torrential rain, and my optimism paid off.  I got to the allotment at midday and ended up staying until after 8pm.  Eight glorious hours of sun and light and perfect soil, damp but not wet and perfect for turning over.  I met Garth who runs the allotments during the afternoon, and we agreed how lovely it was to feel some heat on your back again.  Vitamin D suitably topped up, it was off to work and lots of it.

I hesitate to say such foolish things, but (whisper it!)...I think I may have things under control at last.  All the beds are dug and more or less weed-free.  I planted out a third batch of French beans (the first two have perished) and some sweetcorn and even the first pumpkin, to see how it gets on. Seedlings in the poly all look happy and I'm nearly keeping up with potting them on.  16 sunflowers are planted out and staked and standing straight.  The goldfish are getting really huge in the pond, the currants are in flower and the asparagus is producing well.  Happy happy days.

The cabbages, sprouts, cauliflowers hopefully protected from cabbage whites.  I'm having a major problem with cutworms this year, they keep sawing off the young brassica seedlings at the base.  If anyone has a solution I'd love to hear it.

Garlic and shallots, some onions further back and carrots and parsnips sown in between.

Rhubarb and marigolds, and the blue bucket is filled with manure and topped with multi-purpose compost, ready for a courgette once the plants are big enough to go out.

Chives, thyme, heather, blueberry bushes and a few tulips - a bit of a mixed bed!

The fruit bed, with apple trees and currant bushes, ornamental alliums and aubretia, and young sunflowers in the very back.

The first pumpkin planted out - this is a Turkish one called 'Tohumu' (or something like that!)

Three types of sweetcorn; Riebel Maize, Milk Corn and Minipop.
Early spuds, doing very well if a month late.

Peppers and cucumbers settling into the polytunnel.

Various tomatoes, waiting to be potted on.

Courgettes, sown only ten days before.

Jostling for space.  Soon they'll all be out and the chillies and tomatoes will take over the poly.

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