Saturday, April 20, 2013

Now that's more like it....

I had an afternoon off on Friday, and as the sun was shining I hightailed it out to Donabate.  My only stop was to Jones' garden centre, where I picked up a couple of plants to brighten up the border, and a pineapple sage for at home.  It would have been rude not to stay and sample their new coffee shop and their delicious cream teas....thus fortified, it was off to do some hard work!

What a difference a bit of sun makes!  Everything looks infinitely less dreary.
An osteospermum from Jones'
Asparagus breaking through

Another bed prepared - this one will be for brassicas this year.

The lemon tree has survived well in the poly all winter, and even has fruit ripening!  I was going to put it out for the summer but it got chilly when I was leaving so I put it back in for another week, just in case of frost.

One of the fishboxes, emptied and refilled with manure topped with compost, which will hopefully retain water better than just compost.  I planted two peppers 'Bell Boy' and sprinkled watercress seed in around them, in an effort at companion planting,
The first box has salad and radish seeds sown, the next two have lettuce and spinach growing in them so I left them alone for the present.

Pea and bean seedlings coming on nicely.
The ones in front are Irish Green Pea, a really reliable tasty variety I've been growing for years.

Cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower seedlings.  I'll transplant what I need once they have true leaves and chuck the rest (never an easy task, it's hard to compost seedlings but I only need so many).

Leeks!  Coming on well.

My valiant, if stunted, tomatoes.  Here's hoping the new heat gives them a boost.

Rocket gone to seed.  It will be pulled out next week, but in the meantime - isn't it beautiful?

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