Friday, April 26, 2013


I escaped from the office at four today, walked home, picked up the car, spent an hour in traffic driving to the this:

After 15 minutes sitting in the car it seemed to go off, so I made a run for it...and got lashed on.  Some pretty big hailstones too, they hurt!  The beds were full of them when it finally stopped:

Once the shower had passed over, it turned into quite a nice evening.  I potted on some chilli plants, watered and generally tidied up a bit.  Things are really moving on in the polytunnel now; radish seeds I sowed exactly a week ago are up already:

I stayed an hour and went home with a nice little harvest; the first rhubarb, first asparagus, a bunch of rocket flowers for the table, a bag of lettuce and one of spinach.  The asparagus and spinach were added to pesto when I got home, and the rhubarb made a delicious desert with some natural yoghurt.

Good times.


  1. A nice little harvest in your picture. I've been dodging hailstones down the plot twice last week.

  2. It's not the hail that really bothers me as much as how cold it gets during the showers! But that seems to have passed over now, thank god, it's much milder this week.

    Your plot looks well, all the hard work is paying off.