Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring springs

I managed to disentangle myself from unfinished painting and a leak in the airing press and an IKEA delivery today and fled towards the allotment lest something else popped up to keep me at home.  And I'm so glad I did - what a glorious Spring day!

It was great to be back out in fine weather, and to meet all my usual neighbours for the first time this year.  In between chats (and the first outdoor cup of tea of the season) I started clearing beds and removing weeds and grass and generally tidying up.  I emptied a lot of pots from the polytunnel and gave the asparagus a blanket of last years manure and compost mix.  The pond has been cleared of dead foliage and I'm glad to see all three goldfish have made it through another winter.  They seem to be largely self-sufficient; sometimes I throw some food in, but in 18 months I've yet to see them actually eat any of it.  There must be enough natural food around to keep them going - maybe that's why I've no frog spawn, even though I have a lot of frogs.

A couple of bumblebees were careering around in the sun, helping themselves to the heather flowers in the blueberry bed:

Also an update on the 'new spuds for christmas' experiment; it didn't work.  The only bag to really grow got hit by frost and died off.  I emptied it today and got a harvest of four tiny Peru Purple potatoes.  Still, instead of only having one potato I now have four to replant for the summer months.  I've left them out to chit on a shelf in the polytunnel.

I planted out some flowers that overwintered in the poly and the coldframe - geums and lavender and foxgloves - and potted up some larger pots with thyme and oregano and lovage and lavender and violas to bring home.  I only have a little yard in my new house, about 2m x 4m, but I've already bought a tiny Aldi greenhouse and now with the pots of herbs its starting to look slightly less grey-cementy.  And as a harvest I took home the last 4 decent sized leeks, rocket, mizuna and radishes from the polytunnel and a handful of daffodils.

A good day, all in all.

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