Sunday, March 3, 2013


I spent an interesting morning yesterday at a free course run by Cultivate in an old walled orchard in the Carmelite convent in Donnybrook, the subject of which was 'pallet gardening'.  The space is a brilliant community garden, still in its infancy but it has the potential to be really amazing.  It was a lovely spot to spend a bright cold March morning.

The idea of pallet gardening is basically to create a vertical growing space.  We took a pallet and rearranged some of the slats into an orderly row.  Then mypex was stapled tautly to the back.  We flipped the pallet over and filled it with compost, and then planted lettuce and violas and ivy and nasturtium seeds in the gaps.  We put bigger flowers like primroses and bulbs in the top, and sweet pea were to go in the lowest space, to climb up the rungs.

It's a nice idea and it's great to find a new way of maximising growing space.  I think it would be brilliant for growing strawberries in particular.  My only concerns would be the wall behind it getting very damp, and slugs living in the pallet.

In between numerous cups of tea and biscuits, we also planted up sundry containers - tins and china cups with holes drilled in them, a paint tub, a milk bottle - with marigolds and aubretia.  We even filled hollowed-out tree stumps and a couple of holes in an apple tree with bedding plants.

All in all a great morning - mainly due to the lovely people we met there, and to finding a hidden gem of a garden in the middle of the city.


  1. what a Fantastic idea, you could grow strawberries in the pallets on the allotemt might give that a go ;-)

  2. Isn't it? It's like a bigger version of one of those strawberry pots with the holes in the sides.