Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wet Wet Wet

Will it EVER stop raining?  Everywhere is sodden, and I was all set to visit the allotment on Sunday but it rained all day.

I'm starting to dream of warm sunny weather, t-shirt weather, being able to sit outside and not worry about coats and boots...I think I definitely have cabin fever!

Still, I'm making do with my pots on the windowsill - five types of tomatoes all doing well, some onions and the very first chilli has appeared at last.  Apologies for the crappy pictures but I haven't located my camera yet; it's still buried in a box somewhere, so relying on my phone.

Orange habanero seedling; first chilli of 2013


  1. Good to see the seedlings coming along, its certainly not the weather for gardening outside. Things have dried up here but lots of heavy frosts overnight mainly, so I'm off to a slow start all round this season.

  2. Hia, they're much bigger now! I've planted far too many tomatoes as usual, but they always end up finding homes.

    We don't ever get too much frost here on the north side of Dublin, but it's still going below zero at night. Today though, there was heat in the sun for the first time. I think the worst is over!