Sunday, December 9, 2012

Still Alive

No posts lately as I've only managed to get to the allotment once in the past few weeks, and that was a rather short and wet snatch and grab affair.  I would imagine in the cold frosty weather of recent times that the pigeons have been laying into the cabbages, but the parnsips I dug a couple of weeks ago were lovely, and the turnips have been sweetened by the frost.  Even the lettuce was standing up well and still tasty, if very slow to rejuvenate.

Also the garlic was up, and the broad beans.

All my time lately has been spent at my new house, which I bought 3 weeks ago and is undergoing a full makeover from rewiring to central heating to demolishing an old extension and reroofing the bathroom extension.  When I bought it, the dodgy 1970s extension took up nearly the entire garden, but now that it's gone I have a great little space, about 2 metres x 4 metres and walled all around.  It will be spring before I get a chance to do much with it, but I can see a long flowerbed, lots of pots including a big one with an appletree, spaces for washing line, bins and log pile, a snazzy table and chairs and maybe a chiminea...I'm looking forward to designing it already.

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