Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Dinner

We had some serious wind last night, shaking the house and keeping me up for hours.  I had a few hours to spare this afternoon, so I took the opportunity to check on the allotment for the first time in a month.

And all was well.  A couple of bent nets, the lid of the water butt blown off, a few turned over pots and the gate hanging askew, but nothing that I didn't fix in 20 minutes.  It was a bright, windy day with small birds bombing around the plots and wading birds chirruping and peeting in the mudflats.  I was the only one there, save one person seen in the distance.

Meanwhile, the abundance of food growing has continued despite my absence.  I probably credit myself too much in that regard usually actually - I sow the seeds and hopefully improve the conditions, but it's the plants who do all the hard work.

This is my harvest for the Christmas break; savoy cabbage, red cabbage, a turnip, parsnips, leeks, scallions, a bag of leaves (mainly little gem), some rocket and a handful of demon red chillies.

The savoy cabbage has done really well this year, and have been left alone by the pigeons so far.

The garlic soldiers are standing to attention very satisfactorily, and the spuds I planted in a bag - while not ready for Christmas - are still alive and growing nicely.

All in all, I was very happy with how things are going.  It's not bad to still be picking outdoor salad at the end of December.

At home I opened one of the stored pumpkins, Musquee de Provence, and made roast pumpkin and tomato soup, and a roast pumpkin and potato bake for dinner.

I also cooked the red cabbage with port and orange juice and white wine vinegar, intending to have it cold tomorrow, but most of it has already been devoured by my family.  That's the highest compliment I suppose!

Happy Christmas everyone.

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  1. Very nice looking veggies for Christmas. Happy New Year.