Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hidden Treasure

Today was beautiful at the plot, mild and gentle.  It's definitely harvest season, as everything is now bearing fruit.  I picked tomatoes, peppers both sweet and spicy, courgettes, mini sweetcorn and french beans to bring home.

The pumpkins are flying, doing their level best to take over the world - or at least the beds around them.  It seems like a giant mass of foliage (brilliant at suppressing weeds) but a look underneath reveals hidden giants:

I also finally got around to harvesting the maincrop potatoes, which thankfully weren't as bad as expected.  There were a few smushy stinky ones in the mix, but on the whole they were alright, if a bit small.  I have a small bag each of five varieties; Black Bog, Butes, Great Scot, Purple Mystery and Roosters.

These are the slightly damaged ones, either a bit nibbled or accidentally skewered when digging them up.  I cooked them all, and we'll have them as potato salad or fried potatoes in the next couple of days.


  1. Very impressive Pumpkins and I like how the 2 Sunflowers seem to be looking at one another across the plot??

  2. :-) Yep one fell in a strong wind last week though. I am pleased with the pumpkins - and they're such a low maintenance crop, it's brilliant.