Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Fruit Jam

As previously mentioned, I have a fair bit of fruit at the moment, so I decided to make some jam.

redcurrants, blackcurrants, raspberries
The fruit in the photo above came to about 3lb weight. I made the recipe up as I went along based on other recipes, and it turned out fine.  First I washed the fruit in the sink, and took off all the bigger stems.  Then I just covered the fruit with cold water and brought it to a fast boil.

I simmered it until all the fruit was soft and the juice had escaped.

Then I strained the fruit pulp through a fine seive.  I lost a lot of the volume of the fruit this way, but I find there are so many hard pips in currants that this is best.  It makes a very clear jam.  It takes a few minutes to strain completely, using a spoon to push the juice through.

Then the strained juice went into a clean pot, I added sugar (at a guess!) and let it simmer until I reckoned it was set.  Then it went into sterilised jars.

I ended up with six jars, which I labelled when they were cool.  I haven't tried it yet, so hopefully it's set and hopefully it tastes nice!


  1. Nice looking fruit. Thanks for the info about how you make your jam. My method is a bit slow. Just spent 3 hours preparing todays harvest of Blackcurrants + 22lbs harvested on Sunday. Jam it will be.

  2. 22lbs is a fair sized harvest! Fair dues.

    It's amazing how many jars you get from a pot of jam. I've made two batches now, and I had enough spare to give six jars to guests at our house cooling party last Wednesday.

    Are you making pure blackcurrant?