Monday, May 21, 2012


I was in Donabate with my sister this evening, collecting salad and radishes and chard, and watering the polytunnel.  We were just leaving when my neighbour Sean from a few plots up called out to me.  He came running up, with his son, holding a small, scared bird entangled in green netting.

And I mean REALLY entangled.  It had managed to wind itself into the net trying to escape, and it was all around its body and feet and wings.  Sean had cut the net around the chick, but he was afraid to cut the rest of the net away for fear of snipping a wing or holding it too tight.  Between us, we unwound and carefully trimmed away almost all the net - there was one little bit left but I couldn't tell what it was hooked on to untangle it.  At this stage the bird's head and wings and feet were completely free, so I decided that to try and get the last tiny bit off would do more harm than good.

The chick was knackered now, and too weak to fly.  I have a robin nesting box on the shed which has never been occupied, so I lined it with some grass and dropped the chick in, where it promptly snuggled in.

So now it's wait and see - I'll next be out on Wednesday morning.  It wasn't looking very chipper I have to say, but hopefully the chick will sleep off the trauma and recover in the morning, otherwise I'll be finding a dead body on Wednesday.  We think it might be a blackbird chick - there have been blackbirds frantically collecting worms at the allotment for the last couple of weeks.  They tend to be good parents - hopefully they will find their chick and all ends well.

Meanwhile poor Sean is traumatised, and ripping out his netting for something finer or larger, to avoid this happening again.


  1. Nicely rescued, hope the bird survives.

  2. Poor little chap, hope he recovers.

  3. Sorry folks, one dead chick. Looked like it just went to sleep. Still, we tried!