Monday, May 14, 2012

Chasing my Tail

Too many garden projects....not enough time.  I had a ridiculous list of things to get done at the allotment this evening, but in the end I spent a happy hour just looking at things, taking pictures, ejecting some rather audacious slugs from the polytunnel and labelling courgettes.

Sometimes you have to know when to slow down.


swiss chard

salad bed, starting to fill up at last

two pumpkins, still with the coldframe for protection

pumpkin 'atlantic giant'

rhubarb and elephant garlic

frost damage to the early spuds

the new net for the pond, made by my father on saturday

baby tomatoes, found growing in a bag of compost

uchiki kuri

some of the courgettes and pumpkins

still fairly full up indoors

onions and garlic doing very well - a bit of rust but they seem fine regardless

peas hanging on

poached egg plant beside the pond

the first foxglove of the season

broadbeans with chocolate spot...or is it wind burn?

and last but not at all least, asparagus.  My first year to get a crop, and it's gorgeous.


  1. I love your little pond, been toying with the idea of one myself, maybe next year. The plot looks great.

  2. Thanks - yep my uncle put it in for me last year, he's very into ponds. He disapproves of the goldfish I put in though, as they tend to eat everything, frogspawn and bugs and that. But I like them!

    It's pretty easy, dig a hole, line it with pond liner and have a 'ramp' at one end for creatures to get in. We're pretty sure we had a newt living in it over the winter, we've caught flashes but they're pretty wary.