Saturday, April 21, 2012


Yep, that one word pretty much sums it up!  I’m growing plants for a plant sale in a couple of weeks, and as a result my polytunnel is GROANING in small pots and plastic cups and tender green leaves.  Every surface and several planks on buckets are covered in trays of small pots and I’m counting on a large amount of giant pumpkins and sundry courgettes and squash to get a serious move on in the next two weeks.
The reason for the sale is to raise funds for the production of a short film written by my sister Eilis.  Tiger was shot last February by a small crew of aspiring movie folk and is now in post-production, but they've run out of cash. They still need to finish the sound and so on, and run a launch, and then start entering it into festivals and looking for a distributor. It will be something of a launch pad for a lot of young Irish filmmakers, from Eilis as screenwriter to the director and the editor, and the camera guy and the sound guy and so on.
The plant sale will hopefully raise a few quid, and relieve me of the burden of looking after several hundred small plants (not that I really mind).  I’ve been potting them up in drinks cups and small newspaper pots, and trying to time it all so that nothing is too big (sunflowers) or too small (pumpkins) for the weekend in question.  It’s harder than you’d think!
I’ll be selling herbs (basil, purple basil, chervil, mint, coriander and parsley), beetroot (Detroit and Chioggia), brassicas (romanesco, walking stick cabbage, sprouts), lots of different courgettes, squash and pumpkins, tons of flowers (too many to list), tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, redcurrant and gooseberry plants and small packets of seeds.  I’ve tried to go for flowers to encourage pollination, some more unusual vegetables and some fun stuff like the giant pumpkins and sunflowers.  Fingers crossed it all goes well!
More about Tiger here:
and Eilis' blog:


  1. All your seedlings look great! I hope you raise a good bit of money for your sister!

  2. hi Orlaith, Id love to buy some off you. Hope it goes well and you raise loads for your sister!

    Ann-Marie (your allotment neighbour!)

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm hiding from the torrential rain right now at home, watching Columbo :-) Ann Marie, the sale will be in Malahide Allotments, probably the May bank holiday weekend, it's right opposite Waterside on the Swords Road.

  4. Nice healthy looking plants there, hope the sale goes/went well for you.

  5. Thanks Rooko! I'll keep you posted :-)