Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Days

I had a day off yesterday, and I got to spend most of it out on the allotment in Donabate.  There were only a few of us there pottering about so it was lovely and quiet with only the sheep crunching in the next field and the occasional duck flying over.

transplanted swiss chard
With the assistance of my father, we got last year’s ‘greens’ bed cleared of old flowering lettuce and sunflower stumps.  The compost heap smells lovely now – of herbs and rocket.  I transplanted some of the smaller swiss chard plants into the new greens bed, and sowed 6 new drills with four types of lettuce, some rocket ‘Runway’ and a giant flat leaf parsley.  The salad leaves sown in the polytunnel six weeks ago are up and about and developing their true leaves, not long now to fresh pickings.

the broad beans are charging up
We put the net up for this years peas and beans to climb, and tackled the shed.  Over the winter everything got hurled in at random, to the point where I could only get one foot in the door and then stretch for things at the back.  It’s now looking a model of organisation (it never lasts unfortunately) and we rediscovered a load of things I’d forgotten I even had.

Last Sunday I planted out the early potatoes, all from Irish Seedsavers.  I put in five or six seed spuds each of ‘Ashleaf Kidney’, ‘Edzell Blue’ and ‘Lady Christl’.  Lady Christl was so far chitted that little tiny spuds were forming on the sprouts.  I also sowed 29 little pots with various types of flowers, from sunflowers to geraniums to marigolds to hollyhocks.

It was 15 degrees outside yesterday - a day that kept trying to be sunny but failed - and 18 degrees in the poly even with the door open.  Not bad for mid-March.

rhubarb unfurling

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