Sunday, March 4, 2012

Blue Skies

rainbow, Donabate
The weather forecast for this weekend was terrible – heavy rain, freezing cold, snow showers – but actually the sun shone on us for most of it.  It has been a good weekend.

We’re working hard to get the Malahide Allotments ready for opening next Saturday and it’s getting very exciting.  I’ve gotten used to the huge empty field, with just a handful of us marking stakes and bashing them in, roping off areas and trying to work out where the paths should go.  But from next Saturday on the site will be full of people, all finding their plots and putting up netting and turning their soil for the first time.  I can’t wait to see the city of plots in operation, with the sheds being assembled and seeds being sown.

Today I was working with a few of the gang to start a ‘show plot’ I’ve designed.  The idea of this is to give people an idea of the size of the plots, and to show a few ideas of what can be done.  We’re starting with the smaller 50 sq m plot, the theme of which is budget/recycled – so assembling the plot for as cheaply as possible and reusing/using found materials where possible.  We got the winding path in today, and I think it looks great.
the blank canvas

work in progress

the finished path

I also got out to my plot in Donabate for a breather, to sow some seeds and plant out some sweet pea and foxgloves, and just to admire the huge dramatic skies.  I like this weather of sun and showers – it’s growing weather.


  1. Love that winding path Orlaith, very creative use of the space!

  2. Thanks Fiona - it's actually not a very productive use of space as regards jamming a lot of veggies in...but I wanted the idea of going on a path through the plot, hopefully with lots of things to look at en route. It's definitely a work in progress anyway. How's your planning coming along?

  3. Is the river you can see from your plot?

  4. It's actually malahide estuary. Not a bad view, is it? We do get the wind straight off the sea though.