Wednesday, February 1, 2012

St Bridget's Day

Spring has officially sprung!  It might be cold but what a beautiful day we had today – still and clear and bright.

In the garden the snowflakes (pictured above) are doing their thing, brightening up the empty beds in big clumps.  They’ll keep blooming for the next few weeks, until the daffodils take over.

Out at the allotment I still have clearing to do – I never got around to collecting seaweed as a mulch, but I still might.  Nothing will be going in the ground until mid march anyway.  My father and I dug over a couple of beds last Saturday and harvested a pile of winter vegetables in the process. We split the profits and took home a bag each of parsnips, celeriac, leeks, cabbage (red and green), sprouts, baby beetroot (which turned out to be a bit woody), rocket and swiss chard.  The celeriac is pretty small but it makes fantastic soup.

The potatoes on the windowsill are coming along pretty well, with nice sturdy shoots developing.  The earlies will be planted around St Patrick’s Day and the maincrop a couple of weeks after that.

It feels like everything is still waiting for the green light, but it won’t be long now before we’re surrounded once more with tiny pots and seedlings and bags of compost.

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