Sunday, February 5, 2012

Spring Cleaning

And………we’re back in action!  The first seeds are sown, and thus the season begins again.

First though, there was cleaning to be done.  I took everything out of the polytunnel and swept it out, resettled the mypex and lino on the floor, pulled out old grass from around the edges and washed down the plastic inside with soapy water.  I found a few small holes and nicks to tape up later in the week, but the plastic is holding up well considering this is its third winter.

I emptied the last pots and buckets of withered chilli plants and depressed herbs.  The fish boxes were hauled out and emptied into the beds, then brushed out and put back.  I’ll get some fresh compost and manure and refill them in the next few weeks.  It feels lovely to have a nice clean poly, poised and ready to start again.

With that done, and a cup of tea of celebration, I sowed four trays of seeds with three varieties of onion and leek, five varieties of chilli peppers, two of sweet peppers and four of tomatoes.  It will be a cold start for them in the unheated polytunnel, and I know most people start them on a windowsill at home.  I used to do this, but I always had problems with transferring the seedlings from a warm house to a cool polytunnel.  Instead, I’m starting them in the poly with the theory that they won’t come up until they’re good and ready, and then they’ll be accustomed to their environment.  It worked very well for me last year.

There was a fabulous pink sunset over the estuary to finish off the day.  We’re pretty lucky here in Ireland, not having the inches of snow that England got last night, and long may it last.


  1. Nice sunset over the polytunnel. I know what u mean about transfering seeds from warm to cool. Same happened to me last year. This time its opposite way around due to heavy frosts affecting my seedlings in the greenhouse. I suppose gardeners are slaves to the weather like it or not!

  2. Yep, it's always a trick to find the balance between sowing too early and too late! We're not really having heavy frosts here this winter, and my seeds are sown with plastic lids, so hopefully that will help. Fingers crossed!