Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dirty Fingernails

first daffodil of 2012

More clearing of beds at the allotment today – I cut back the withered asparagus ferns, and weeded out barrow loads of grass and dock leaves and nettles.  Unfortunately I dislodged some ladybirds too, but I managed to move most of them out of the way.

blueberry and heathers with christmas tree mulch

I also tackled what has been the herb bed for the last two years – the place for a herb bed is really outside the back door at home, rather than at an allotment.  I dug it over, added a bag and a half of ericaceous compost and planted out a blueberry bush which has been stuffed into a bucket up until now.  I planted six little heathers too, which will appreciate the same acid soil, and applied a mulch of Christmas Tree needles.

My pond seems to have a new resident to keep the frog and goldfish company – he’s very hard to spot but I’m pretty sure we have a newt.  He swims around the top and vanishes if you walk anywhere near the pond, but I’ve caught a glimpse of a small webbed hand a couple of times.  Less welcome are the rabbits hanging out in a plot below mine, one brown and one large white one with brown ears.  Escapees?  Something will have to be done to deter them soon – it’s fine now that the beds are pretty empty but once crops go in a bunny would be disastrous.

I sowed three more types of chilli, before heading for home.  I swapped some seeds with a fellow GIY-er, and gained Pinocchio’s Nose, Hot Cherry and Bhut Jolokia in the deal.  Bhut Jolokia is a scary chilli – the hottest in the world, apparently even cutting one open can lead to vacating the kitchen.  I’m not sure what I’ll actually do with the chillies if it grows – make my own pepper spray perhaps?

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