Saturday, January 7, 2012


I haven’t posted recently because I haven’t been doing very much in the horticultural realm.  I needed a break.  It’s like that poem from Leaving Cert – “Through a chink too wide there comes in no wonder”.  It was time to step back and to do other things, and to luxuriously BUY some clean washed imported vegetables from the supermarket.  One cannot be responsible and dedicated all the time – well I can’t anyway.

But I have been doing some small bits and pieces – thinking, planning, sorting seed packets, ordering a few more, starting some seed spuds to chit on the windowsill, feeding the birds, tying things down against the howling gales.

Today I started back in the garden, beginning to clear the front beds of dead marigolds and snap dragons, trimming back the fuschia and other shrubs and watching the earth emerge from blankets of leaves and sycamore keys.  It’s nice, this new clean sparse garden.  It’s like the house without the Christmas tree and decorations – suddenly bigger and simpler and more beautiful for its sparsity.  Everywhere bulbs are sprouting, sending up cool strong green leaves and carrying the promise of snowdrops and lily of the valley, daffodils and tulips.

We’re as far from the rich deep uncontrollable growth of summer as it is possible to be – but right now, that’s ok with me.

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  1. Everybody needs a break sometime. For us it doesn't even feel like winter this year. It has been so warm.