Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November Flowers

A family wedding and sundry other distractions have meant very little time spent out at the plot recently...but at this time of year, that's no disaster.  What needs to be done can wait, and a weekly visit to harvest cabbage, kale, swiss chard and parsnips is all that is really required.

Until yesterday, the weather had been unseasonably mild, and many plants seem to be confused as a result.  The rhubarb is pushing up new arms and legs through the blanket of compost.  I have wallflowers blooming, and strawberry plants and late peas also in flower.  One of the chestnuts I sowed as nuts only a few weeks ago has produced a shoot, which I wasn't expecting before next March.  The marigolds are stubbornly refusing to give in, and even the blueberry bush has one single, beautiful white blossom.

I wonder is this a bad thing - will these plants be badly hit when the frost inevitably turns up?  Will they have exhausted themselves by flowering now, and be unable to survive the winter as a result?


snap dragon

horse chestnut



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  1. Those wild alpine strawberries are so powerful in flavour.